Resilience Certification

The only global solution for evaluating and certifying operational risk and resilience for individual assets and property portfolios.

SAFE Asset Group offers the only internationally acknowledged resilience certification program for SAFE Hospitality, Offices, Retail, and Exhibitions assets (SHORE).

The SHORE certification is available for properties where people work, meet, shop and stay, and for companies managing them.


Corporate certification

Corporate Resilience and Governance
A strategic assessment including review of the corporate framework, its practical implementation at individual assets, and interviews with selected stakeholders.
It validates your corporate governance and is the ultimate proof of transparency and duty of care for responsible asset owners.

Asset certifications

The SHORE Certification for individual assets is available in three different levels:
SAFE Asset
A time-efficient assessment focusing on framework and management systems
The certification includes document review and scenario-based interviews, giving you a baseline and a good understanding of the fundament of asset operation.  

 SAFE Asset Gold/Platinum
An in-depth assessment for premium assets including on-site visit, in-depth interviews with management,  practical testing of life safety systems, tenant visits, supplier review and asset walk through.
The certification gives you a holistic and unbiased view of all components contributing to the assets’ resilience. 



Why a certification?

Demonstrate duty of care
Investors, owners, and operators are expected to do everything ‘reasonably possible’ to protect the health and safety of employees, tenants, and visitors.

Boost property value
In routine valuations, investments are increasingly assessed for safety, security and risk.

Increase brand value
Besides simply being safe, a premium location must also feel safe. This is crucial for attracting tenants and visitors, driving repeat visitation, and increasing dwell time.

Reduce risk and insurance costs
Minimizing liability risks, protecting against security threats, and reducing the risk of business interruption allows the optimization of insurance-related costs.

Certification process

The well-proven certification process is designed to review all relevant aspects of your operation while minimizing the impact on your day-to-day business.
During the certificates’ three-year validity cycle, SAFE Asset Groups representatives will conduct an initial assessment at the asset, followed by two annual compliance verifications based on information and documentation submitted by the client.


COVID-19 Certification

The assessment aims to determine the readiness and resilience towards the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and is available for individual assets and corporations.

The COVID-19 compliance assessment is carried out following the SAFE Hospitality, Office, Retail, and Exhibitions (SHORE) standard, the Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS), current recommendations from WHO and ECDC, and international best practices.

Online survey
The COVID-19 compliance certification process starts with a comprehensive online self-assessment that includes uploading your asset’s documentation and photographs.
Our Risk Advisory Team reviews your self-assessment and submitted documents to determine your current status.

Web meeting & Asset tour
During a web meeting, one of our international experts will walk you through your assessment, answer questions, and elaborate on the most relevant topics for your asset
The video conference is followed by a live-video tour, with our experts reviewing your asset in real-time, to deliver recommendations in key areas.

Report & Certificate
Our Risk Advisory Team prepare your report, including recommendations. Your certificate is delivered digitally and allows for blockchain verification of its authenticity.

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