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COVID-19 certifications for Carrefour

SAFE Asset Group are happy to announce our cooperation with Carrefour Romania for COVID-19 certifications.
To date, Carrefour Romania have undergone assessment and certification of their corporate governance and compliance, their network of 40 Hypermarkets as well as their office buildings.

New name and added services

New name
Over the last couple of years, our customer base has evolved to include a more diversified portfolio of assets. The market has also experienced a growing trend towards mixed-use assets.
Therefore, to satisfy our customers’ new requirements and enhance our relevance in this ever-changing market, Safe Shopping Centers is changing their name to Safe Asset Group.


Introducing SHORE-Certification
With years of expertise in the best practices of safeguarding commercial properties, Safe Asset Group will now consolidate all of our certifications
under one umbrella – the SHORE-Certification.

afe Hospitality, Office, Retail and Environment

We certify your asset from a safety and security perspective, making sure you know both where you stand today and how you can improve.

Any size operation
Whether you operate a shopping center a mixed use real estate asset portfolio or manage a hotel property, we offer SHORE-Certification across all business sizes that will cater to your specific needs.

Peace of mind
Our SHORE-Certification ensure your asset is safe and looks out for the safety of individuals while also ensuring the safe operation of the asset, which in turn brings added value to the property.

If you manage a diversified portfolio of assets, the SHORE certification scheme will be ideal for you, as it has the flexibility to meet the most basic requirements of a simple operation or the more detailed requirements that come with running an advanced asset portfolio.


COVID-19 certification of JULA

SAFE Asset Group are proud to announce that we have been mandated by the Swedish DYI-retailer JULA, to conduct COVID-19 certification of their entire retail portfolio.
More than 130 stores in Sweden, Norway and Poland are currently undergoing the certification process.

“The fact that Jula chooses to certify its operations not only shows that we are a responsible company during a prevailing pandemic, but that we also understand the importance of being long-term in what we do. There is no end date for the pandemic and therefore we need an approach that works over time and that provides security and stability”, says Mikael Hellqvist, Group Chief Security officer.

“The most important priority is our staff and our customers’ safety and it feels fantastic to get a receipt for the work that is ongoing to reduce the spread of infection”, says Mikael Hellqvist. “The certification is a tool that helps us know what to do, which creates security in the business, and many of the changes that have been made will be lasting even when the virus has ceased to be an acute threat. At the same time, it also challenges us to constantly think new and develop our safety work.”

“We all long for everything to be as usual again and we can see that society in many ways is moving towards a normalization of the situation. Jula’s certification work gives strength to maintain our focus on safety issues and encourages us to constantly aim a little higher and take our safety work forward, says Mikael Hellqvist.

Deka Immobilien extend mandate

Deka Immobilien extends the mandate for COVID-19 certifications by SAFE Asset Group.
The the new mandate includes DEKA’s retail assets in Ireland; Mahon Point and Whitewater Shopping Centre. Both assets are managed by Savills Ireland.
Previously, SAFE Asset Group have certified two of Deka’s shopping centers in Lithuania.


New mandate from Newsec

SAFE ShoppingCenters has been mandated to conduct COVID-19 certifications of Newsec retail portfolio in the Baltics.
The first center to receive the certification is Shopping and Entertainment Center OZAS in Lithuania.







Newsec – the Full Service Property House in Northern Europe – offers real estate owners, investors and tenants a full range of services within the areas of Property Asset Management and Advisory.

Certification of Colliers retail portfolio

SAFE ShoppingCenters has been mandated to conduct COVID-19 certifications of Coliers Internaitional entire retail portfolio in Finland.
The Colliers shopping center unit manages 12 shopping centers in 8 different cities. The leading shopping centers include the largest shopping center in the Nordic countries, Mall of Tripla, the largest entertainment shopping center in the Nordic countries and the largest shopping center in Finland, Jumbo-Flamingo, the largest shopping center in Southeast Finland, Veturi, and the largest shopping center in Central Finland, Seppä.

COVID-19 certifications for Liberty Two Degrees in South Africa

SAFE ShoppingCenters are certifying the COVID-19 compliance of shopping centers for South African Liberty Two Degrees (L2D).
The assignment includes the iconic Sandton City in Johannesburg, together with other shopping centers located throughout South Africa in Johannesburg, Cape Town, KZN Midlands and Bloemfontein.
In cooperation between L2D, SAFE ShoppingCenters, and Excellerate, the shopping centers have increased their safety measures, strengthen their hygiene protocols, and implemented good international practices. This enables them to resume their shopping center operation in a safe and responsible way, putting the well-being of their tenants and visitors first.

Liberty Two Degrees (L2D) and Sandton City receive COVID-19 certificate by SAFE ShoppingCenters

Liberty Two Degrees (L2D) and Eastgate Shopping Centre receive COVID-19 certificate by SAFE ShoppingCenters

Liberty Two Degrees (L2D) and Midlands Mall receive COVID-19 certificate by SAFE ShoppingCenters

Extended mandate from NEPI Rockcastle

NEPI Rockcastle extends the mandate for SAFE ShoppingCenters to conduct COVID-19 compliance certifications of their Shopping Centers in South East Europe.
The mandate includes additional 15 shopping centers located in Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria.


SAFE ShoppingCenters to conduct certifications for NEPI Rockcastle


New partnership in France with SECCOM Consulting

SAFE ShoppingCenters is strengthening our offer to our french-speaking clients by partnering with the french Risk Management and Corporate Compliance experts SECCOM Consulting, led by Patrick de La Guéronnière.
M. de La Guéronnière has more than 30 years experience from Risk Prevention, Safety and Security within international retail and shopping centers, and has recently served as the Global Safety & Security Director at Ingka Centres. This cooperation adds invaluable expertise for the benefit of our clients, and allows us to offer our full range of services in french.

Collaboration with Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)


Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), in collaboration with SAFE ShoppingCenters have issued the publication “Reopening of commercial buildings”.
A publication to support building & facilities managers, commercial tenants & landlords to prepare to safely reopen commercial buildings.

The publication can be downloaded from RICS’s website here

COVID-19 Compliance assessment

The time to welcome the public back into our shopping centers has arrived, Covid-19 Compliant
and a key component to generate footfall is to regain trust and restore the confidence of your customers.

Are you confident your center and management are adequately prepared?
Strengthen your position by implementing international best practice and show your customers you are COVID-19 compliant!

SAFE ShoppingCenters’ certification is a unique online assessment,
giving you access to industry best practice as well as live international expert advice customized for your shopping centers.

Please download our information folder here, or contact us for more information


Order your assessment directly here


Beyond Covid-19 – Reopening your Shopping Center

As some countries have, or are about to ease up on restrictions for shopping centers, we are releasing the guide “Beyond Covid-19” with advice and consideration for reopening of your shopping center.
The free guide is available here for download in English, German, French, Swedish, and Finnish language.

Beyond Covid-19 Guide


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COVID-19 Certification

As part of our SHORE-certification program we offer COVID-19 certification.

- More than 300 assets certified worldwide.

- Online assessment combined with virtual meetings video-walk of your asset.

- Available for all asset classes and companies.

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