We are proud to announce that Skandia Fastigheter has been awarded the SHORE Corporate Resilience & Governance certification for the management of their retail portfolio.
The certification recognizes the company’s dedication to corporate resilience and governance, aligning with their ambition to be a responsible real estate owner, while supporting their ambitious ESG goals.





















The SHORE  Corporate Resilience & Governance certification is based on a rigorous evaluation of a company’s performance across various criteria, including risk management, portfolio governance, and ethical leadership. Receiving the certification is a significant achievement and indicates that the company is committed to sustainability, responsible corporate governance, and providing a SAFE retail experience for visitors, tenants and staff!

Skandia Fastigheter is one of the leading real estate companies in Sweden, owning and managing a portfolio of commercial properties, including the award-winning Väla and Frölunda Torg.
Achieving the SHORE Corporate Certification demonstrates their leadership in sustainability and commitment to being a responsible real estate owner.