SAFE Asset Group are proud to announce that we have been mandated by the Swedish DYI-retailer JULA, to conduct COVID-19 certification of their entire retail portfolio.
More than 130 stores in Sweden, Norway and Poland are currently undergoing the certification process.

“The fact that Jula chooses to certify its operations not only shows that we are a responsible company during a prevailing pandemic, but that we also understand the importance of being long-term in what we do. There is no end date for the pandemic and therefore we need an approach that works over time and that provides security and stability”, says Mikael Hellqvist, Group Chief Security officer.

“The most important priority is our staff and our customers’ safety and it feels fantastic to get a receipt for the work that is ongoing to reduce the spread of infection”, says Mikael Hellqvist. “The certification is a tool that helps us know what to do, which creates security in the business, and many of the changes that have been made will be lasting even when the virus has ceased to be an acute threat. At the same time, it also challenges us to constantly think new and develop our safety work.”

“We all long for everything to be as usual again and we can see that society in many ways is moving towards a normalization of the situation. Jula’s certification work gives strength to maintain our focus on safety issues and encourages us to constantly aim a little higher and take our safety work forward, says Mikael Hellqvist.