Mylly Kauppakeskus, Turku, takes an extra step for the safety and security of their shopping center tenants, visitors and team members by becoming the first certified SAFE Retail Destination in Finland!

“Events in the world and in our immediate surroundings have shown the importance of safety in shopping centers” says Kati Kivimäki, Managing Director at Mylly, and believes that safety will become even more important in the future of the shopping center.

During the certification “We went through hundreds of different things and documents and went through the whole shopping center: customer spaces, maintenance corridors, parking areas and technical rooms. We also tested customer safety, including the emergency buttons for lifts and disabled facilities, and the time it took to get help. We received praise for good documentation and commitment to security development”, says Kati Kivimäki.

“We’ve have already done plenty of things to make the customer feel safe and pleasant in Mylly. The certificate shows that we take security matters seriously and we can handle it well”, says Managing Director Kati Kivimäki at Mylly Shopping Center.